Rates & Fees


Our regional convention classes are always held on Saturday and Sunday.

Rates are based on registrations received by or before the registration deadline for each event.

* A $10 per dancer late fee will automatically apply to late convention registrations

*The below recommended ages are guidelines only. Final class placement is at the discretion of the registrant and/or the studio owner/director.

LEVEL                GUIDELINE        RATE                                     

Class Level          Age Guideline        Studio Rate         Independent Rate

Launch Program    age 4-7                 $125                    $140

Mini                   age 8-10               $180                    $190

Junior                  age 11-12             $240                    $255

Teen                   age 13-15             $240                    $255

Senior                age 16+                $240                    $255

Teachers/Owners (Ages 20+)            $200                    $200


A convention observer band is required for each observer age 7 and older who would like to watch our Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior classes. Observers are not permitted in the Teacher classroom at any time. Our online system will automatically gift 1 free observer band for each registered Mini dancer. Mini bands will only gain access to our Mini room. If any additional Mini bands are requested, they will cost $50 per observer. 

Junior, Teen and Senior observer bands secured during the online registration process are $50 each and MUST be worn in order for observers to be permitted into convention classes at any time. Non‐registered siblings age 6 and under are free ONLY if they are accompanied and chaperoned by a paid observer and/or registered teacher at all times. 


Registrants MUST pre-secure/pre-purchase observer bands during their initial online registration process.  Observer bands will NOT be sold at the event.  Dupree Dance will not add any observer bands to registration packets or online accounts past the registration deadline of the event, STRICT. 


If any parent observer or non-registered teacher has a dancer in the Mini classroom & another dancer in the Junior, Teen or Senior classroom, he/she will need to wear BOTH the gifted Mini Band along with a paid observer band.

Refunds or credits will not be given for observer bands.

Our Dupree faculty suggests that dance parents consider allowing their dancer(s) to experience the convention classroom setting alone at the earliest age that they feel comfortable.  We feel that it is an important part of what contributes your dancer’s independence, growth and attention span during our convention classes.  In addition, maintaining a lower volume of observers allows us to maintain the integrity of our convention classroom environment.  Thank you in advance for your careful consideration when it comes to the choice of whether or not to observe your dancer(s) during his/her convention classes.  For those of you that do opt to observe, we appreciate your respect and consideration at all times during the educational portion of our event.


Studio registrants, please refer to our 'Special Offers' section regarding our Free Teacher Offer.


Our regional competitions are always held on Friday and Saturday.

Rates are based on registrations received by or before the registration deadline for each event.


A $10 per routine late fee will automatically apply for any routines added past the registration deadline.

Competition rates are PER DANCER in each routine.  

DIVISION                           RATE
Solo                                          $130.00

Duo/Trio                                    $65.00 per dancer

Group (4-9 dancers)                     $40.00 per dancer

Line (10-14 dancers)                     $40.00 per dancer

Production (15-29 dancers)            $35.00 per dancer

Super Production (30+ dancers)      $35.00 per dancer


Solo ~ 3 minute max*

Duo/Trio ~ 3 minute max*

Group ~ 3 minute max*

Line ~ 4 minute max*

Production ~ 6 minute max*
Super Production ~ 6.5 minute max*

* Refer to extended time fees if your routines are more than 15 seconds past the time limit per division.


There will be a 15 second ‘grace period’ allowed for each routine. For routines that exceed this time limit, the following fees will apply.   Extended fees are per routine (1-time fee), NOT per dancer.

~ 0.16-0.59 seconds over time limit, $15 per entry
~ 1.00 to 1.59 min over time limit,    $30 per entry
~ 2.00-2.59 min over time limit,       $45 per entry
~ 3.00 min or more over time limit,  Not Accepted



Please visit our National Finals event page to obtain a full list of National Finals Rules/Regulations.

We will offer 3-4 days of convention classes at our Summer Intensive. This includes a condensed and exciting class schedule for our youngest Phaze 1 level dancers. Classes will be held during the first several days of our event. Our general National Finals competition schedule is released no less than one month prior to the event. Our detailed Summer Intensive classes will be customized around the National Finals competition schedule and released within 3 weeks prior to our event. Much care and consideration is taken in the formation of our exact competition and classroom schedule to optimize both the experience and opportunities of our attendees. Dupree Dance reserves the right to modify our anticipated classroom and convention schedule around the specific needs of each event.


LEVEL / GUIDELINE               RATE 

Class Level        Age Guideline      Studio Rate.             Independent Rate

Launch Program    age 4-7             $125                     $140

Mini                   age 8-10           $180                     $190

Junior                 age 11-12          $240                     $255

Teen                  age 13-15          $240                     $255

Senior                age 16+            $240                     $255

Teachers/Owners (Ages 20+)         $200                    $200

Observer bands are required for our convention classes only. Please refer to our regional observer policies and information, as observer prices/policies will remain the same during our Summer Intensive.

National Finals competition rates are available to Studio Owners/Directors only upon request.