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Registration Deadline:
May 10, 2023

Our combined Dupree Dance National Finals/Summer Intensive will be held at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Orlando, Florida on June 25-June 30, 2023.  Our Summer Intensive classes will be scheduled in the morning /early afternoon timeframe and expand over 4 days; June 26-June 29.  Our National Finals competition will expand during the time frame of June 25-June 29 and will conclude in an exciting National Finals Gala on June 30!  The competition only schedule on June 25 will consist of a majority to all of our solo routines. There is also a potential of our performance and competitive duo/trio competition starting on June 25.  All group routines and a portion to all duo/trio routines will be scheduled to compete within the time frame of June 26-June 29. We anticipate our final Gala to conclude by mid to late afternoon on June 30.


We guarantee our event schedule will allow our attendees and dance families to enjoy every aspect of our event as well as the gorgeous resort amenities and all beauty surrounding our host property. Our general National Finals competition schedule is released no less than one month prior to the event.  Our detailed convention class schedule will be customized around the National Finals competition schedule and released within 3 weeks prior to our event.  Much care and consideration are taken in the formation of our exact competition and classroom schedule to optimize both the experience and opportunities of our attendees.


* Note: Any dancer who has attended one of our regional qualifying events and won a full scholarship while registered in the Teen or Senior ballroom will have the option of participating in the Opening Number of our National Finals Gala! Any dancer who has attended one of our regional qualifying events and won a Regional Collective Scholarship in the Teen or Senior ballroom has the option of participating in the Collective Finale Routine of our Gala and optional Collective National Finals competition. Both our Opening Number and Collective rehearsals will begin mid-afternoon on Saturday, June 24.  Any dancer who receives a Dupree Dance Crew invite (DDC) at a regional qualifying event has the opportunity to participate in the filming of a hip hop video during our National Finals. The DDC rehearsal and film schedule will be housed within the time frame of our convention class schedule. Dancers who choose to participate in our Collective Program and DDC must be convention-registered at National Finals. Qualifying Opening Number, Collective and DDC dancers/parents - please email us by/before May 1, 2023 at if you plan on participating. All stated rehearsals will be mandatory for dancers who choose to participate in these programs.


For guests that desire to fly to our event, the best airport to use is the ORLANDO AIRPORT (MCO).

This airport is approximately 25 minutes away from the host hotel.

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