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Our Sincerest Thanks…  


As parents of two dancers, it is our goal to host the kind of conventions and competitions that we can be proud of on all levels.  We truly believe that competition brings dancers to the height of their performance and helps them learn to admire, strive and excel amidst dancers from their own studios and all over the country.  We pride ourselves in the quality of events that we run, the great awards that we are able to give to our dancers and the phenomenal faculty we are lucky to showcase.  But the true hallmark of Dupree lies in our infinite respect for the art of dance, the devoted teachers and the amazing parents who all play a critical part in showcasing talented dancers that breathe amazing life into our stage!  Whether it’s a young ballerina braving her first solo or a seasoned group of competition dancers defending their title, we share an unconditional love and unrestrained joy in elevating these amazing moments in each dancer’s journey.  We appreciate your support and guarantee you will leave our events with wonderful memories and a refreshed outlook on the artistry and industry of dance.    


Zack and Kari Anderson  

Owners, Dupree Dance   

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