Observer Band Policy

Observer bands are required during the convention class portion of all Dupree Dance events.  They are not required during our competition.  A convention observer band is required for each observer age 7 and older who would like to watch our Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior classes. Observers are not permitted in the Teacher classroom at any time.


The Dupree Dance observer policy is in place to protect the safety of the registered dancers and the integrity of each event.  Our observer policy ensures that every person in the dancers’ classroom is in direct association with our event and/or the registered dancers.  Dupree Dance reserves the right to limit/restrict or to cut-off observer band sales at any time, if necessary.  




Registrants MUST pre-secure/pre-purchase observer bands during their initial online registration process. Observer bands will NOT be sold at the event. Observer bands will NOT be added to registrations after they are submitted and/or past the registration deadline of the event. 


Junior, Teen and Senior observer bands secured during the online registration process are $50 each and MUST be worn in order for observers to be permitted into any portion of our convention class schedule at any time. Non‐registered siblings age 6 and under are free ONLY if they are accompanied and chaperoned by a paid observer and/or registered teacher at all times.  Our online system will automatically gift 1 free observer band for each registered Mini dancer. Mini bands will only gain access to our Mini room. If any additional Mini bands are requested during the online registration process, they will cost $50 per observer. 


If any parent observer or non-registered teacher has a dancer in the Mini classroom & another dancer in the Junior, Teen or Senior classroom, he/she will need to wear BOTH the gifted Mini Band along with a paid observer band.


Please note that no refunds or credits will be issued for observer bands pre-secured during the online registration process, STRICT. The only exception to our observer refund policy is if capacity restrictions and/or policies extended from our host hotel cause Dupree Dance to restrict pre-secured/pre-paid observer bands after the time that a registration is submitted.  In this case, Dupree Dance would refund pre-secured observer band fees.  




A convention observer band is required for each observer age 7 and older who would like to watch our Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior classes. Observers are not permitted in the Teacher classroom at any time. Observer bands MUST be worn throughout our kick off, all convention classes and closing ceremony in order for observers to be permitted into the ballroom.  The only time that observers are not permitted to watch classes is during our formal Audition Class in the Junior, Teen and Senior classroom.  Observers will be asked to clear the room 5-10 minutes prior to the start of a formal Audition Class.  


Teachers who do not wish to take classes at any time may choose to forego the teachers convention registration, but must secure a paid observer band for themselves in order to watch classes in the Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior rooms.  Observer bands do NOT gain access to the Teachers ballroom at any time.


Our Dupree faculty suggests that dance parents consider allowing their dancer(s) to experience the convention classroom setting alone at the earliest age that they feel comfortable.  We feel that it is an important part of what contributes your dancer’s independence, growth and attention span during our convention classes.  In addition, maintaining a lower volume of observers allows us to maintain the integrity of our convention classroom environment.  Thank you in advance for your careful consideration when it comes to the choice of whether or not to observe your dancer(s) during his/her convention classes.  For those of you that do opt to observe, we appreciate your respect and consideration at all times during the educational portion of our event.


Observers are expected to adhere to the following observer regulations during our event. 


We request little to no observer talking in the ballrooms during our event and ask that you please remain courteous and respectful throughout the weekend.  We realize conventions are a nice ‘get away’ and secure great venues that allow both parents and dancers to enjoy themselves during all aspects of our event!  We do a wonderful job of keeping the control and attention of dancers in the classroom, so we encourage observers to take advantage of the hotel amenities, common space or dining options if they would like to ‘catch up’ and enjoy conversation with other studio parents and attendees.  We appreciate your cooperation in our Observer Policies and reassure you that these policies are set with your DANCERS in mind!  We guarantee they are going to get what they came for!


* Please do NOT bring in coolers, glass containers, ice chests, etc. into the convention ballroom.  Floor space is designated for our dancers and should remain clear.    


* Do NOT place dance bags or request that your dancer place his/her bag in chairs to ‘save’ seats.  Dance bags are to go under the chairs and/or against the wall in each room.


* Consider the presence of younger siblings/toddlers in the classroom throughout the weekend.  We know it is difficult for young children to remain quiet for long periods of time, so please feel free to entertain younger siblings in the common space that is offered by the hotel if necessary.


* Please keep younger children/siblings in your lap or on the floor directly in front of you, thus freeing up the limited amount of observer chairs for adults.


* We want to make sure our entire Audition Class is dedicated to the registered dancers and request that observers quickly clear the ballroom during the last 5-10 minutes PRIOR to the start of the audition class.  Our Dupree faculty will remind you of this at the appropriate time.


* We kindly request that you minimize any ‘in and out’ traffic during classes.


Classroom doors will be constantly monitored during our event for observer bands and to ensure that the observer policies are followed.