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Observer Band Policy

A convention observer band is required for each observer age 7 and older who would like to watch our Launch Program, Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior classes. Observers are not permitted in the Teacher classroom at any time. Our online system will automatically gift 1 free observer band for each registered Launch Program and Mini dancer. Launch Program and Mini observer bands will only gain access to those designated rooms. If any additional Launch Program and/or Mini observer bands are requested, they will cost $50 per observer and must be secured during the online registration process.  


Junior, Teen and Senior observer bands secured during the online registration process are $50 each and MUST be worn in order for observers to be permitted into convention classes at any time. Non‐registered siblings age 6 and under are free ONLY if they are accompanied and chaperoned by a paid observer and/or registered teacher at all times. 


If any parent observer or non-registered teacher has a dancer in the Launch Program and/or Mini classroom & another dancer in the Junior, Teen or Senior classroom, he/she will need to wear BOTH the gifted Launch Program/Mini Band along with a paid observer band.


Registrants MUST pre-secure/pre-purchase observer bands during their initial online registration process. Observer bands will NOT be sold at the event. Observer bands will NOT be added to registrations after they are submitted and/or past the registration deadline of the event, whichever comes first. No refunds or credits will be issued for pre-secured observer bands, STRICT. 

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