The Collective is a program that allows our Dupree faculty to mentor advanced dancers who have demonstrated they have the passion, talent, respect, positive attitude and consistency required to assist both in the classroom and behind the scenes during  our Dupree Dance regional tour.  Dancers who are selected as members of The Collective not only act as demonstrators in the classroom, but they will actively build professional skills through their help backstage as they interact with our team members, studio owners, teachers, parents and attendees of all ages.  Collective dancers must be versatile in a myriad of dance genres, engaged at all times, adhere to a strict code of conduct and committed to a consistent positive representation of themselves on all social media platforms.


 Dupree Dance Collective scholarships will be awarded at every regional event to a select number of students registered in our Teen and Senior ballroom. They will be determined by our faculty and awarded as a result of a dancer’s performance during both the formal audition and all convention classes throughout the weekend.  While Dupree Dance Collective regional scholarship finalists will be announced at the conclusion of the formal audition process, the Dupree faculty does reserve the right to announce additional Collective scholarship finalists at any point after the formal audition, but prior to the closing ceremony. Collective scholarship finalists will be presented on stage at the regional. closing ceremony immediately before the Collective regional scholarship winners are announced. 

Collective Regional Scholarship Finalists will be awarded a full regional convention tuition scholarship that must be redeemed within 12 months from the awarded date. Their full regional convention scholarship will also be an invitation to perform in the National Finals Opening Number routine at the National Finals event that is held at the conclusion of the regional tour in which they were awarded.

Collective Regional Scholarship Winners will be awarded a full tuition scholarship that covers all convention classes during the National Finals event that falls at the conclusion of the regional tour in which they were awarded.  Collective Regional scholarship winners will also be invited to perform in our National Finals Gala and have the opportunity to compete in our Dupree Dance Collective National Competition! 


·      If a dancer is studio registered when named/awarded a Collective Regional scholarship winner, he/she must remain a student of the same studio in order to be eligible to go out for our Dupree Dance Collective National Competition.  


All scholarship awards are non-transferable, non-deferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. 


Dupree Dance Collective National Finals Competition


Dancers must be named a Collective Regional Scholarship winner at any regional event within 12 months prior to our national finals in order to participate in the Collective National Finals Competition. In order to participate in the Collective National Finals competition, a dancer must be studio registered under the same studio in which he/she won their Collective regional scholarship. The Collective National Competition Fee is $115.  

Candidates who choose to compete in our Collective National Finals competition must 

  • Redeem their Collective Regional Scholarship award at the National Finals event

  • Participate in all National Finals classes

  • Register to compete a minimum of one solo (up to 2 solos permitted)

  • Attend the formal Collective audition class

  • Interview with our Dupree faculty

  • Participate in the Improv Dance Challenge

  • Perform in the National Finals Gala

Collective National Winners will be announced at the conclusion of our National Finals event.  Collective National Winners receive a year-round regional tuition scholarship and an invitation to assist at all regional Dupree Dance events outside of their home city (winners will be required to assist at a minimum of two regional cities).  They will perform in all regional closing ceremonies at events they assist during and receive a custom Dupree Dance Collective jacket. 

** National Collective winners will not be eligible to assist in their home city. They can audition and are eligible to obtain another Regional Collective scholarship in their home city through the formal audition process at that event. They will be able to compete a regional solo in their home city for adjudication only. Competition fees will apply.