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Studio / Independent Registrants 

Dupree Dance welcomes both studio and independent registrants at each of our regional events. Registrants may choose to attend our convention classes only, or they may choose to participate in both the convention and competition. At our regional events, only convention-registered dancers may participate in the competition portion of our event. 

Studio registrants are permitted to compete at our National Finals.  We do accept independent registrants at this event for our convention classes only.  Our National Finals event is unique to all other events on Tour and has it's own rules/regulations and registration procedures.  Visit our National Finals event page to find out more about this event.  Rates for National Finals will be given to studio Owners/Directors only upon request. 

While there are advertised registration deadlines posted on each event page, we do encourage that you complete your registration data entry and payment as early as possible.  Dupree Dance always keeps an eye on registration numbers to protect the integrity of our events and reserves the right to cut-off the convention and/or competition registration at any time prior to the advertised deadline. 

How To Register 

Both studio and independent registrants will utilize our customized, online registration system for regional events and will need to register by/before the registration deadline for their event in order to avoid an automated late fee.  Late fees are $10 per dancer for convention registration and $10 per competition routine.  All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Studio registrants will use our online registration system for National Finals and will need to register by/before the registration deadline in order to avoid an automated $10 per routine late fee.  National Finals registrations are non-refundable. 


Registration deadlines for convention and competition may be found on the Event page on our website for each city.  We do encourage that you complete your registration data entry and payment as early as possible.  Dupree Dance always keeps an eye on registration numbers to protect the integrity of our events and reserves the right to cut-off the convention and/or competition registration at any time prior to the advertised deadline. 


The only forms of payment accepted during the online registration process are credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) or a cashier’s check/money order (studio registrants only). Personal checks or studio/business checks are not accepted. Independent registrants may only pay with credit card.  There is a 3% processing fee on all credit card payments. If a studio registrant opts to pay with a cashier’s check or money order, they must click (select) that payment option during the final step of their registration process.  By clicking on cashiers check or money order, this formally submits their studio registration, but it is not deemed as 'secured' until payment is received.  A studio must mail their payment to Dupree Dance by/before the registration deadline in order to avoid a $10 late fee per entrant. We highly recommend that studio registrants who opt to mail a cashiers check/money order obtain a tracking number from the post office to ensure that your payment is secured in route to Dupree Dance and to avoid potential issues with  possible lost payments, slow mail periods, etc.  Studio payments that are postmarked (mailed) on the actual deadline date are not deemed ‘late’. Registrations are only secured once payment is received.  All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Studio Registration Payment Policy

Payment must be submitted to Dupree Dance by each studio registering to attend an event.  The studio is to submit a singular, lump sum payment to Dupree Dance through any of our approved studio payment options.   Dupree Dance will not accept individual payments from parents whose students are registered under a studio profile.  

Independent Registration Payment Policy

A singular, lump sum credit card payment must be submitted to Dupree Dance for any independent registrations. We do not accept personal checks , cashiers checks or money orders as payment from independent registrants.


At-The-Door Registration 

We no longer accept at-event registrations.  We are committed to maintaining quality control and appreciate your understanding. Pre-registration by/before our stated registration deadline for each event is the only way to attend our conventions and competitions.  If the stated registration deadline for an event has passed, you may email us at to inquire if space is available.   

Free Teacher Offer

Dupree Dance extends a Free Full-Time Teacher Offer to qualifying studio registrations.  Assistant Teachers are not eligible for the Free Full-Time Teacher Offer.  Only Full Time Teachers are eligible and must be at least 18 years of age. 


If you are a studio and register 6 or more paid dancers, you are eligible to take advantage of our Free Teacher Offer. Students who attend our event on a Dupree scholarship do not count towards the total number of students under our Free Teacher Offer.  


In order to apply the Free Teacher Offer to your online studio registration, you will need to first enter your teacher(s) convention registration information (name, DOB) during the initial convention registration stage and then select their ballroom choice of 'Full Time Teacher'.  After you have completed this , the ‘Discounts and Special Offers’ section of your online registration will allow you to select the qualified amount of teachers to attend for free from a drop down menu.  Be sure to select your qualified teachers as ‘free’ from your drop down menu before you select and complete your preferred payment method at the end of your online registration process. 


Our Free Teacher Offer is as follows:   

Register 6-10 PAID dancers and 1 Teacher attends for free.

Register 11-20 PAID dancers and 2 Teachers attend for free.

Register 21-30 PAID dancers and 3 Teachers attend for free.

Register 31-40 PAID dancers and 4 Teachers attend for free.

Register 41 + PAID dancers and ALL your Teachers attend for free.


Our online registration process will remind you of the amount of Free Teacher(s) your studio qualifies for during the registration process.  If you register 30 dancers and only choose to register 2 Full-Time Teachers, you may not ‘carry over’ the additional Free Teacher to future registrations.  Offers are based per registration, per event.  Our Free Teacher Offer is based on the amount of students you register by/before our registration deadline.  Dancers added to your registration past the deadline do NOT count towards the total amount of dancers under your Free Teacher Offer. 

Please remember that 'Full-Time Teachers' are welcome to compete, but any routine with 1 or more Full-Time Teacher is not eligible for an overall award.  If you have a competing dancer who is 19 years old or younger and assists at your studio, we would recommend registering him/her as as Assistant Teacher.  Refer to our Scoring/Awards/Rules for additional information.  


Studio Loyalty Program

Dupree Dance is thrilled about giving back to our loyal customers and has designed a Studio Loyalty Program like no other!  Our Studio Loyalty Program is designed for studios that attend our event on an annual basis.  Loyalty Program details are shared with Studio Owners and Directors only.  Studio Packets are issued at our events and contain the details of the Loyalty Program.  


If you are a Studio Owner/Director and have misplaced your Studio Packet, please call our Dupree Dance offices for details.  Our Studio Loyalty Program is subject to registration deadlines for each event, so make sure to register on time!


Studio Director / Owner Breakfast

If you are registering for a regional event as a studio and the Owner and/or Director plan on attending, we would like to invite them to our private & complimentary Studio Owner/Director breakfast buffet on Sunday morning in the hotel restaurant.  Up to 2 Owner/Director names may be submitted for studio registrations during the online registration process.  Name badges for the breakfast will be included in the Studio Registration Packets that are picked up at the beginning of each event.  The exact time of breakfast will be noted on the convention class schedule that is posted at least a month prior to each event. 


The Owner/Director breakfast is our way to say 'thank you' and also a time that Studio Packets are distributed.  The Studio Packets contain valuable information regarding our Studio Loyalty Program and other upcoming Dupree Dance events.  Owners/Directors who happen to miss our breakfast are encouraged to stop by the Dupree registration desk on Sunday to obtain their Studio Packet.  


We also designate a certain time to host an owner/director gathering at our Summer event(s) and communicate specifically with our registered studios as to the details a few weeks prior to the scheduled event. 


First Time Studio Offer

If you are a First Time Studio and plan on registering 6 or more students at an event, call our offices for a special First Time Studio Offer before the completion of your online registration.  (888) 498-2998. We do ask that you call at least a few days in advance of the registration deadline for the event you are attending for the first time.


Our First Time Studio Offer is subject to the registration deadlines for each event, so make sure to register on time!  

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